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Internet Cafe Manager --> Connection and workstation management

The main mask of the program easily allows the full management and control of the workstations of Internet Point.

On the left hand side there is the workstation list; for each workstation an icon shows the status of the client

There are 3 status:
  •  Available (green icon)
  •  Busy (red icon)
  •  Awaiting for Payment (yellow icon)

Clicking on a workstation on the left hand side, its status is shown on the right hand side.

All the Available workstations are locked.
Therefore each user must necessary ask the ICM administrator for enabling the workstation.

At this point if the user is a new one, he/she will leave personal details for the formal registration. If the user in not a new one instead, his/her detail can be easily found in the database inserting the initials of family name.
Once the user is identified, the ICM administrator assigns an available workstation and a certain fare to the user.

Now the user can get the assigned workstation.
The client will show a small window that displays connection time and connection cost.

When the user wants to finish the connection, the button STOP will be clicked. The workstation will be locked again and on ICM server the correspondent icon will change to “Awaiting for Payment”.

The user will go to ICM administration to pay and all data concerning the connection will be stored (starting date/time, finish date/time, user, cost , workstation).

The are also tools for executed connections management

View ICM Presentation (HTML)

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